Gölles white balsamic vinegar, 6% acidity - 250 ml - bottle

Gölles white balsamic vinegar, 6% acidity

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250 ml bottle   € 8,73 *
(€ 3,49 / 100 ml)
PU-purchase 6 x 250 ml bottle to each   € 8,47 *

The white balsamic wine vinegar is fermented from full-fruity Grüner Veltliner and bottled without prior barrel storage. This balsamic vinegar is therefore light in color and gives delicate and light dishes a fine spiciness without affecting their appearance. The pure fragrance and taste of the white balm ennobles dishes with its elegant acidity and a hint of fruity sweetness. It is ideal for tasting light sauces for poultry, fish or shellfish and also for preparing spicy dressings for salads with asparagus, kohlrabi, radish or sprouts. Asian dishes can also be completed with the white balsamic vinegar. The vinegar was not filtered and bottled without stabilizers. This will make it darker over time. However, this has no influence on the taste and quality.

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