Ile Four Sake Pure - Junmai Premium, 15.5% vol. - 720 ml - bottle

Ile Four Sake Pure - Junmai Premium, 15.5% vol.

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720 ml bottle   € 19,11 *
(€ 26,54 / l)
PU-purchase 12 x 720 ml bottle to each   € 18,54 *

Junmai means that this sake is brewed only from rice, water and koji (yeast fermentation fermentation yeast), with no added alcohol. Dry, strong body, balanced acidity, echoes of sherry. Sake brewing is a serious business in Japan, carried out by quality master brewers in a lengthy crafting process. The brewers are proud of the quality of the in-house well water and the special rice varieties that are used for the production. The result is a product made like beer but with the consistency of wine and vodka. The purity of the raw materials and the traditional brewing process make the Ile Four Sake a soft and complex flavored drink.

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