Teriyaki sauce - as a dip and marinade, bansankan - 1,593 l - Pe-bottle

Teriyaki sauce - as a dip and marinade, bansankan

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1,593 l Pe-bottle   € 31,17 *
(€ 19,57 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 1,593 l Pe-bottle to each   € 30,23 *
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You can use teriyaki sauce as a marinade for raw meat and as a dip for roasted or to rice and pasta dishes. If the sauce is used as a marinade, then the meat should marinate 3 hours covered in the refrigerator before it is cooked in the pan or on the grill. At the end of the cooking time, if you deglaze the gravy with a little teriyaki and briefly reduce it, you will get a suitable sauce.

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