Flor de Sal from Mallorca with rose petals, Spain - 150 g - can

Flor de Sal from Mallorca with rose petals, Spain

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150 g can   € 10,48 *
(€ 6,99 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 12 x 150 g can to each   € 10,17 *
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Flor de Sal the flower of salt is the purest of all salts. The salt obtained using traditional methods of harvesting is 100% natural and goes on sale without any chemical additives. The production of this excellent product is done by Katja Wöhr and Robert Chaves. They have set themselves the task of harvesting and selling the top salt in the nature reserve northeast of Playa Es Trenc in the southeast of Majorca. The star chef Marc Fosh is responsible for the flavor refinement of the Flor de Sal.

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