Balsamic Bianco Condiment, 5 years, oak barrel, Malpighi - 200 ml - bottle

Balsamic Bianco Condiment, 5 years, oak barrel, Malpighi

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200 ml bottle   € 23,21 *
(€ 11,61 / 100 ml)
PU-purchase 12 x 200 ml bottle to each   € 22,51 *
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Malpighi has been producing high-quality acetos for more than 200 years. Only exceptionally excellent can be expected from the company Malpighi in Modena, Italy. Made only from Trebbiano di Spagna grapes, the Balsamo Bianco aged 5 years in oak barrels. Delightfully gentle, clear grape notes, with light oak and honeydew quality. Balsamo Bianco, a good olive oil, salad, that`s all you need. Spices would only bother. An integrated pourer allows a fine dosage, even at the table. A noble packaging makes the Aceto a great gift!

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