Fresh oysters - Gillardeau M4 (Crassostrea gigas), a ca.75g - 48 pieces approx. 75 g each - box

Fresh oysters - Gillardeau M4 (Crassostrea gigas), a ca.75g

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48 pieces approx. 75 g each box   € 155,64 *
(€ 3,24 / Stück)
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From the side of the Ile dOleron facing La Rochelle comes an oyster of the absolute top class - the Gillardeau. It is a deep oyster and belongs to the genus of the Portugaises. Above all, it is a Special de Claires and therefore still a quality level above the well-known Fine de Claires. The size is M4 (approx. 75g gross), but larger specimens, e.g. for baking, are also available. The difference to other oysters can be seen as soon as you open them, because you will probably never have seen an oyster that is so full, that is, with such a distinctive meat body. This is thanks to a special algae that only occurs in this area. Experience the delicacy an oyster can be ... NOTE ON THE AVAILABILITY OF FRESH OYSTERS: If you order from us by 2 p.m. on Thursdays (subject to payment), we can take your needs for the following week into account. Oysters are taken fresh from the sea on Mondays and then delivered to Germany by express. These will arrive at us on Tuesday, which means that we can send them to you from Wednesday. The latest delivery day of the week is Friday on UPS Express. We always try to get all the oysters we need, but manufacturers / breeders may not be able to deliver everything we have ordered.

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