Medlars, sugared Thomas Rink - 425 g - can

Medlars, sugared Thomas Rink

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425 g (200)  can   € 5,71 *
(€ 2,86 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 12 x 425 g (200)  can to each   € 5,54 *
Last date of minimum durability: 31.05.2023    Up to Ø 820 days from date of shipment.  ?

The medlar is a plum-sized, sweet-sour tree fruit that is mainly grown in the Mediterranean countries, Turkey, Brazil and Germany. Because of their high pectin content, medlars are often used for marmalade, jelly and nutmeg production. Previously, because of the high proportion of tannic acid, it was also added to the wine or must to improve it. Ripe medlars are rock hard, they need frosting for raw consumption, then they become crumbly and get their aromatic taste. The medlars of Thomas Rink are sweetened and are ideal for garnishing fruit tarts, cold dishes, desserts, in fruit salads, with cereals for breakfast and as a side dish in main courses.

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