Spice Garden Red Mulled Wine Syrup, 250ml - 250 ml - can

Spice Garden Red Mulled Wine Syrup, 250ml

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It is recommended for Burgundy and Bordeaux wines, but also for Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Shiraz, Blaufränkisch or Lemberger. Recommended dosage: 125 ml syrup on a 0.75 l bottle or 250 ml for a magnum red wine bottle. Heat wine and syrup (do not cook) and enjoy. Our master chef Achim Eisenberger prefers to drink it with Blaufränkisch M from the Palatinate by Markus Schneider (article 40292). Carefully used, the mulled wine syrup transforms any dessert into a winter dessert and any milk ice into a Christmas egg. But also wild sauces receive through him the desired sweetness and solemnity.

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