Grill BBQ - Flame Salmon Board Aromatic Board - 1 pc - foil

Grill BBQ - Flame Salmon Board Aromatic Board

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1 pc foil   € 100,61 *
(€ 100.610,00 / kg)
PU-purchase 5 x 1 pc foil to each   € 97,59 *

With the Axtschlag Flammlachsbrett for all grills you simply prepare the perfect salmon. Compatible with all grills and fireplaces up to 7mm thick, thanks to the universal grille support, the Flame Salmon Board can also be used on all grills, whether the hood is closed or open. XXL cherry wood board, height 50 cm x width 15 cm extra thick and durable: 2.5 cm all parts, even screws, made of stainless steel reusable

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