Topaz apple juice (100% juice) 750ml, Van Nahmen, BIO - 750 ml - bottle

Topaz apple juice (100% juice) 750ml, Van Nahmen, BIO

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DE-ÖKO-007 Pure apple juice as 100% direct juice. The Topaz used for this apple juice comes from the Bio-Hof Clostermann in Bislich in the Lower Rhine and organic farms from the Altes Land. The juice has a spicy acidity and a strong aroma. Fruit processing has a long tradition in the van Nahmen cider factory and private winery in the Rheinische Hamminkeln. Nothing is removed from the juices and nothing is added: no preservatives, no flavorings. Particular attention is paid to the use of old fruit varieties and thus to the preservation of traditional cultivars that are threatened with extinction.

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