Aronia puree juice (100% juice) 750ml, van Nahmen, BIO - 750 ml - bottle

Aronia puree juice (100% juice) 750ml, van Nahmen, BIO

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750 ml bottle   € 7,64 *
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DE-Ã-KO-007 Arioniaberry juice as 100% juice. The aronia shrub originates from North America. This juice is pressed exclusively from fresh aronia berries. The hulking Aronia juice tastes great as a spritzer and with apple juice or tea. Fruit processing has a long tradition in the cider mill and private winery van Nahmen in Rheinisches Hamminkeln. Nothing is removed from the juices and nothing added: no preservatives, no flavorings. Particular attention is paid to the use of old fruit varieties and thus to the preservation of traditional, endangered cultivars.

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