Sorbet - tangerines - 2.3 l - Pe-shell

Sorbet - tangerines

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2.3 l Pe-shell   € 47,55 *
(€ 20,67 / l)
PU-purchase 8 x 2.3 l Pe-shell to each   € 46,12 *

A fruity-fresh sorbet made from the puree of sun-ripened mandarins that tickle the palate with their unmistakably intense and complex aromas. Fruit sorbets are refreshing alternatives to milk and cream ice cream. The light ice cream is made from juice or puree with sugar, without animal or vegetable fats. Sorbets can be used in many ways: as an intermediate, snack or dessert, in champagne, sparkling wine and sparkling wine or as a refined ingredient in a dish. All known fruits can be processed into sorbet and flavored and varied with aromas, herbs or spices.

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Sorbet - tangerines - 2.3 l - Pe-shell