Truffle hollow balls, white chocolate, Ø 25mm, Valrhona - 1.3 kg, 504 pcs - carton

Truffle hollow balls, white chocolate, Ø 25mm, Valrhona

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1.3 kg, 504 pcs carton   € 66,78 *
(€ 51,37 / kg)
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White chocolate truffle balls Diameter: 25 mm; Piece approx. 2,7 g cocoa butter content 30% They are manufactured in good craft tradition from the finest couverture. This product of the peel generation offers you a rational application. You can make the fillings according to your individual recipes, filling and closing the hollow truffle balls. For example, whiskey, cherry, cream, butter, rum and champagne truffles.

Please note the following information about this product: In this product, it may be that going during transport about 10% broken. However, this is already reflected in the price. Please plant this possibly small quantities in the quantity you are require.
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