Lemongrass, cut, frozen - 85 g - cup

Lemongrass, cut, frozen

frozen product -18 ° C
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85 g cup   € 3,75 *
(€ 4,41 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 30 x 85 g cup to each   € 3,64 *
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Lemongrass thrives in tropical climates. Of the reed-like sweetgrass, the soft part above the tuber is used fresh or dried. Due to the high content of citral, an essential oil, it has a gentle lemon-like aroma. Lemongrass is very popular as a spice especially in the Southeast Asian cuisine. It harmonizes very well with ginger, coconut, garlic, shallots and allspice. For this product, only the soft parts, ie 6-7 cm above the tuber were chopped and deep-frozen; it can be processed immediately.

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