Wasabi root, fresh, whole - about 280 g - vacuum

Wasabi root, fresh, whole

cooled product 0 ° C to + 7 ° C
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about 280 g vacuum   € 79,24 *
(€ 36,02 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 10 x about 280 g vacuum to each   € 76,86 *
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Wasabi is a green root plant with a pronounced pungent taste. Originally based in Japan, it thrives only in flowing waters. Meanwhile, the, similar to Merrettich root is cultivated in New Zealand and the United States. Wasabi is traditionally used as a seasoning for sushi and roasted nuts and legumes. The typical wasabi sharpness is caused by the volatile mustard oils contained and burns through the throat and nose. Wasabi is offered as fresh root, powder or paste. The fresh root is stable for about 1 week! It is very finely grated and served pure or with soy sauce to sushi. Country of origin: Japan

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Wasabi root, fresh, whole - about 280 g - vacuumWasabi root, fresh, whole - about 280 g - vacuum