Stembergs beef fat from Bavarian Wagyu beef - 195 g - Glass

Stembergs beef fat from Bavarian Wagyu beef

cooled product 0 ° C to + 7 ° C
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195 g Glass   € 3,28 *
(€ 1,68 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 6 x 195 g Glass to each   € 3,18 *
Last date of minimum durability: 25.6.2022    Up to Ø 347 days from date of shipment.  ?

Wagyu is the name of the Japanese breed of cattle, whose culinary advantage is that more intramuscular fat is added. This serves a better and rounder taste in every respect. The special thing about this solid fat is the nutty and butter-like aroma. Beef fat was traditionally used for frying because its smoke point is very high. That is why you can still find it in the kitchen when roasting at high temperatures and in the preparation of classic English pies.

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