Scovilla Dragonfire XCP Chili Powder, 80,000 Scoville - 100 g - bag

Scovilla Dragonfire XCP Chili Powder, 80,000 Scoville

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100 g bag   € 6,67 *
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XCP stands for eXtreme Chef Powder. An intense bright red color and the flowery scent of fine peppers are a messenger of a voluminous-fruity taste with a pure and extreme sharpness, as it was previously not found in this form. This chili powder is the delicacy among the cayenne pepper and significantly sharper than commercially available very hot chili powder. The dragon on The Ultimate Hot and Delicious Chefs Choice is now available to all kitchen professionals and hobby chefs. In the kitchen: Even large quantities are now easy to dose. The openings are guaranteed free even when handling over steaming pots. The aroma bag provides long-lasting sharpness and freshness. At the counter: The warnings and dragon fire gives the interested person the seriousness of this sharpness. With this clean solution, each guest can individually refocus themselves. ATTENTION: EXTREMELY SHARP! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

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