Chilli Jalapeno Chipotle red, cut - 500 g - bag

Chilli Jalapeno Chipotle red, cut

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Jalapeno chilies are native to Mexico and are named after the city of Jalapa in Veracruz. They have a strong and tolerable sharpness with a sharpness of about 4 - 9 TSD Scoville Units. The ripe jalapeno pods are dried by smoking over mesquite wood. They are called Chipotle and have a pleasantly smoky aroma. To be used in salsas, chutneys, chili con carne or home-made spice blends. Indispensable for all BBQ sauces, dips or marinades.

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Chilli Jalapeno Chipotle red, cut - 500 g - bag