Gölles Pear Vinegar, 5% acid - 250 ml - bottle

Gölles Pear Vinegar, 5% acid

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250 ml bottle   € 6,15 *
(€ 2,46 / 100 ml)
PU-purchase 6 x 250 ml bottle to each   € 5,97 *

Mostbirnen from old varieties are the basis for this fruity, mild, balanced and highly aromatic vinegar. A considerable content of tannins accompanies the acidity very pleasant and enriches in a fruit typical way the network of flavors. Especially suitable for refining pear desserts, in combination with nuts or caramel as well as for fresh summer salads such as. B.Rucola salad with pomegranates and thin slices of pears and avocados.

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