Pumpkin seed oil, 100% pure, Gölles - 250 ml - bottle

Pumpkin seed oil, 100% pure, Gölles

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250 ml bottle   € 12,42 *
(€ 4,97 / 100 ml)
PU-purchase 6 x 250 ml bottle to each   € 12,05 *
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"Styrian gourd seed oil" was recognized by the EU as a regional specialty and registered as a registered trademark. Only the first pressing of exclusively Styrian pumpkin seeds may be so called. Good core oil can be recognized by its color reflections: in the top view, it appears red when looking through green. Gray-brown colors indicate inferior kernels to high temperatures when roasting, too long or too warm storage or questionable additives. From the handpicked, dried kernels the pumpkin seed oil is pressed.

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