Gölles Schilcher Rose wine vinegar, 6% acidity - 250 ml - bottle

Gölles Schilcher Rose wine vinegar, 6% acidity

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250 ml bottle   € 5,87 *
(€ 2,35 / 100 ml)
PU-purchase 6 x 250 ml bottle to each   € 5,69 *

It is fermented from the old Styrian grape variety Blauer Wildbacher ", from which even after a short maceration a light rose wine is pressed with a lively acidity. The Schilcher wine`s well-known fine, finesse-rich fruit aroma is also the aim of the production of our Schilcher vinegar which is therefore made exclusively in stainless steel. Fits well with a variety of dishes from fine country kitchen, especially to those with Styrian impact like beet bean salad.

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