Basic Gel, for jam 1, Rosa, Herbacuisine - 1 kg - Pe-dose

Basic Gel, for jam 1, Rosa, Herbacuisine

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1 kg Pe-dose   € 45,98 *
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BASIC gel are pectins with different gelling behavior and are obtained from apples or citrus fruits. As a water-soluble fiber, pectin has the ability to gel liquids. BASIC Gel Jam 1 is ideal for jams, jams and dessert sauces. The BASIC gel is purely vegetable, tasteless and color neutral and therefore suitable for vegans / vegetarians, religious groups who prefer kosher or halal-compliant foods. This product is vegan and free of additives that must be marked on menus in the EU. Without allergens EU: VO (EU) 1169/2011 and CH: LKV, Art. 8 and Annex 1, which must be marked on menus or other lists of offers in the EU in the case of dispensing in public catering. ,

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