Chorizo  Paprika, mild, whole sausage, with sherry wine, Pyrenees - about 250 g - vacuum

Chorizo Paprika, mild, whole sausage, with sherry wine, Pyrenees

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about 250 g vacuum   € 12,65 *
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The Spanish Sausage Chorizo is an air-dried chili sausage. The long-lasting maturation and air drying in the natural climate gives the chorizo its typical spicy taste. It is made according to traditional recipe by the company Embotits Casolans de Planoles, which produces handmade sausages since 1920. Embotits Casolans de Planoles was founded in 1920 by Ramon Cosp, the grandfather of the current owners. At an altitude of 1200m in the picturesque Pyrenees village of Planoles (near the valley of Nuria), the siblings Berta and David continue the business in the 3rd generation. Due to the climatic conditions and the geographical location, the products mature in an ideal environment. This chorizo is seasoned with paprika, salt and garlic and seasoned with sherry wine.

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