Extra virgin olive oil, Santa Tea Gonnelli La Pieve - 750 ml - bottle

Extra virgin olive oil, Santa Tea Gonnelli La Pieve

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750 ml bottle   € 18,81 *
(€ 25,08 / l)
PU-purchase 12 x 750 ml bottle to each   € 18,25 *
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The extra virgin olive oil La Pieve is perfect for cooking. Harmonious and balanced, with the scent and taste of ripe olives, it enriches all dishes without disguising their natural taste. The olive grove is near Florence in Reggello. In addition to using its own olives, the oil estate buys high quality from the neighboring olive growers. In doing so, Piero Gonnelli pays attention to the top quality of the hand- or machine-harvested olives, from the harvest to the oil mill and from careful processing in the olive mill.

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