Wiberg White Wine Balsamic vinegar, 6% acid - 500 ml - bottle

Wiberg White Wine Balsamic vinegar, 6% acid

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500 ml bottle   € 9,11 *
(€ 18,22 / l)
PU-purchase 3 x 500 ml bottle to each   € 8,84 *

Vinegar is just as valuable and important as a seasoning and aroma carrier. Slightly sweetish, fruity and lively in the taste of the Veltliner grape. Ideal for seasoning vegetable salads, raw vegetables, tender lettuce, dressings and marinades; to refine Mediterranean salad compositions, cream soups, sauces, sweet and sour fruits and also various dessert dishes. The noble bottle design ensures an appealing and decorative presentation at the buffet.

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