Ragu Toscano organic, meat ragout, game specialties - 190 g - Glass

Ragu Toscano organic, meat ragout, game specialties

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190 g Glass   € 7,48 *
(€ 3,94 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 6 x 190 g Glass to each   € 7,26 *
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Meat ragout from Tuscany, which mainly consists of beef, with a low percentage of pork and chicken liver. In contrast to the other products in this series, it is a meat sauce for pasta. The difference between a ragu and a sugo is in the consistency. For example, while the Sugo Bolognese is a tomato sauce with meat, a ragu is dense, rich and practically non-liquid. Just heat the Ragu Toscano and fold it under the freshly cooked pasta.

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