Saffron powder (powder), Iran - 1 g - jar

Saffron powder (powder), Iran

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Saffron - the gold in the kitchen - is obtained from the flower scars of the saffron crocus, which are hand-picked and dried - 150,000 flowers yield 1 kg of thread. For the strong, aromatic fragrance is the slightly volatile Safranal, an essential oil responsible. Picrocrocin produces the bitter-sweet, smoky and earthy taste. The coveted bright yellow color provides crocin as a water-soluble substance. The saffron powder is cold and hot water soluble. About 1/8 tsp of it corresponds to a heavily pounded teaspoon saffron about 1 gram. Use in the kitchen for eg risotto, paella or bouillabaisse and for the spice of seafood.

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