Elder brandy, 41.5% vol., Travel farmer - 350 ml - bottle

Elder brandy, 41.5% vol., Travel farmer

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350 ml bottle   € 100,41 *
(€ 286,89 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 97,40 *

Elderberry: Delicately pronounced, light, lemony aroma with subtle spice on the palate, typical elderberry aromas, very spicy, with a slightly spicy finish. The estate of the Reisebauer family in the Austrian Hausruckviertel is located in one of the most excellent fruit growing regions. Great care is taken to maintain the East Gardens. Perfect fruit quality is an indispensable basis for high-quality distillates. Rigorous yield restrictions, a harvest in numerous picking passes and a double-firing process for an extraordinarily high aroma yield are the credo of the multi-award-winning distiller. The addition of sugar or flavorings is fundamentally and unreservedly rejected by Hans Reisebauer.

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