Chocolate of Coppeneur

processed cocoa beans perfectly

Schokoladen von Coppeneur Im rheinischen Bad-Honnef, liegt die exclusive Manufaktur der Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon. Hier entstehen seit Jahren die wohl raffiniertesten Kreationen aus Chocolade und Cacao.
Chocolate of Coppeneur processed cocoa beans perfectly

In the Rhenish-Bad Honnef, is the exclusive manufacturer of confectionary Coppeneur et Compagnon. This is where for years the most sophisticated creations of chocolate and cocoa.

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    Welcome to the alluring world of fine chocolate specialties for discerning gourmets
    In the romantic Rhine town of Bad Honnef, at the foot of the fabled Seven Mountains, is the exclusive manufacturer of confectionery Coppeneur et Compagnon. In this, the vineyards and historical monuments dominated landscape, produced for several years the most sophisticated creations of chocolate and cocoa.
    Oliver Coppeneur and a friend founded in the summer of 1993, the Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon. Equipped with the simplest of means, they developed their first praline creations for which they were still awarded later. Long their masterful confectionery specialties are internationally found their enthusiastic friends. Meanwhile, the team has more than 100 highly motivated specialists, all of them - but now supported by the latest technology - still serve the same goal: the creation of a culinary confectionary high culture.

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    Specific products deserve special ingredients!
    Good products need the best ingredients. In order to create unique products, one therefore needs not only particularly good chocolatiers, but also special raw materials and ingredients.
    Confiserie Coppeneur uses only natural raw materials and ingredients most exquisite quality. Nature-identical or artificial raw materials have no place in our world of enjoyment. Of course, dispensed with any kind of preservatives and hydrogenated fats as well as foreign fats such as palm fat.

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