Easy Gourmet, spice mills, gourmet sprays and sauces

Easy Gourmet, spice mills, gourmet sprays and sauces

Spice mills with many special spices, which only develop their aroma intensified during the grinding process. Other gourmet sprays and sauces in different varieties.

  • Easy Gourmet

    Just cook like the pros

    Our motto is program. Because we want to make you a professional, a professional of your own kitchen. With products that have more to offer than just the ingredients for a successful meal! One customer once described our products in the following terms: The use is simple (EASY) and the content is delicious (GOURMET). And thats what our products should be: easy to use and convincing in taste.
    But not only that, because two further aspects are decisive for us: naturalness and aesthetics. We therefore use high quality, natural ingredients and pack them into an attractive appearance. In short: quality meets taste, naturalness meets variety and handiness has design - in each of our gourmet products. Inspiration and enjoyment guaranteed! All gourmet products can be found in the well-stocked grocery store, in our elegant floor stand, usually placed in the fruit and vegetable department. Refine all your delicacies from now on in a jiffy: Smart, extraordinary, simply professional! Try and enjoy the difference! We are involved in the community of interests for healthy food eV

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