Knife of the tradition series

  • CHROMA Tradition - Chef`s knife

    Solid kitchen knives

    The search for a sharp knife is over! The solution is called CHROMA Tradition. In this robust knife series the knife block T-20S is the star. The block has a high-quality grinder integrated, just right for the solid traditional knife. In other words, the CHROMA traditional knives can be kept sharp with minimal effort. Always sharp knives at home or in operation!
    The knives of the tradition series are particularly robust and stable. They have the classic European U-cut and do not resent even small rudenesses. An accidental rinse in the dishwasher forgive them gladly.
    CHROMA Tradition are solid, very well made kitchen knives with a robust European cut. This makes them a little less sharp than V-cut knives, but also less sensitive.

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