Bregenzerwald high alps raw milk cheese reserve, 45% FiT, from Furore - about 500 g - vacuum

Bregenzerwald high alps raw milk cheese reserve, 45% FiT, from Furore

cooled product 0 ° C to + 7 ° C
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about 500 g vacuum   € 14,18 *
(€ 28,36 / kg)
PU-purchase 3 x about 500 g vacuum to each   € 13,75 *
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The title reserve can only be reached by maturing for at least 15 months in the cheese cellar. The cheeses are stored under constant conditions, and cared for and turned by hand. The Reserve is a hard cheese made from controlled alpine raw milk and impresses with its excellent spicy Taste created by the young grass with the many spicy Alpine herbs of the Bregenzerwald Alps, and the long ripening. The reserve Hochalpenkäse is only used during selected Bregenzwälder Alp alpine dairies over 1500 meters above sea level handmade in the summer months.

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