Grind - Sleepyhead, 100% Arabica, decaffeinated coffee, whole beans - 250 g - bag

Grind - Sleepyhead, 100% Arabica, decaffeinated coffee, whole beans

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250 g bag   € 7,35 *
(€ 2,94 / 100 g)

100% Arabica The Fazenda Sao Jose was founded in 1958 by Orostrato Olavo Silva Barbosa and is still owned by the family today, which is strongly committed to sustainability and high quality standards. The farm is located in Guaxupe, one of the most important regions for coffee growing, also known as `Montanhas cafeeiras` (Coffee Mountains). Thanks to the slightly tropical climate and the hilly landscape of the region, the coffee beans grow under ideal conditions. Raisins - Hazelnut - Honey! The special features of the CR3 decaffeination process with natural carbon dioxide are: - The ingredients that are responsible for the taste and aroma of the roasted coffee / coffee beverage, as well as the cell structure of the raw and roasted beans are almost completely preserved (a special advantage with fine, high-quality coffee types) - only physiologically harmless auxiliary substances are used: chemically inert carbon dioxide and pure watering are absolutely natural substances - it is unsurpassed neutral in terms of roasting properties, cup quality, aroma, filtration behavior, etc. of the coffee

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