Grind - Meisterstück, 100% Arabica coffee, whole beans - 500 g - bag

Grind - Meisterstück, 100% Arabica coffee, whole beans

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500 g bag   € 13,72 *
(€ 27,44 / kg)
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100% Arabica - Nicaragua (50%) Guatemala (50%) - With a smoky note: Coffee from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Volcanoes that are still active continue to enrich the already nutrient-rich soil. This mixture owes its incomparable aroma to this fact. Balanced in taste, it convinces with sophisticated fullness and full body with very fine fruit. With this, he also manages the trick of tasting strong and hearty and at the same time being a rather mild coffee. The heart of our master roaster. Pomegranate - nougat - tonka bean

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