Organic Mayonnaise, Curtice Brothers, BIO - 3.9 l, 60 x 65ml - carton

Organic Mayonnaise, Curtice Brothers, BIO

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3.9 l, 60 x 65ml carton   € 93,40 *
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IT-BIO-007 The `Curtice Brothers` cook organic ketchup from fresh tomatoes - no concentrate. All ingredients come from Tuscan organic farmers whose respect for nature and tradition is already noticeable in the field and is crucial for forward-looking agriculture without chemicals. The original Curtice Brothers Company was founded in 1868 by Edgar and Simeon Curtice in Rochester, NYC. The two brothers started producing their own ketchup from their small vegetable business and successfully expanded in the USA. Unfortunately, the company was shut down in the 1940s. A group of friends noticed during their travels that there was no alternative to bland industrial ketchup. So at the beginning of 2014 they decided to revive the historic Curtice Brothers brand and to raise the bar for ketchup by carefully selecting and preparing fresh ingredients. But nowadays they not only have ketchup in stock, but also the right mayonnaise. Made of course from egg yolk, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar and sunflower seed oil - pure and perfect.

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Organic Mayonnaise, Curtice Brothers, BIO - 3.9 l, 60 x 65ml - carton