Dulse algae, whole leaves (vegan bacon), Maris algae, organic - 50 g - bag

Dulse algae, whole leaves (vegan bacon), Maris algae, organic

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50 g bag   € 13,09 *
(€ 26,18 / 100 g)
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DE-ÖKO-009 The Dulse algae is a red, spicy seaweed that goes well with salads, soups, vegetables or fish dishes. No matter whether raw, cooked or fried, even small amounts are enough to ensure a great aroma. The Dulse algae is also known as bacon algae because it develops an aroma similar to fried bacon if it is seared briefly and hot. Then it is very tasty with scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes. When cooking, it absorbs a lot of water, such as pasta, so a small amount is usually sufficient. The red seaweed from the North Atlantic contains iodine and is very rich in protein. It is an interesting, great and nutritious supplement for today`s kitchen.

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