Puree - lemon, fruit from Sicily, unsweetened, frozen - 1 kg - Pe shell

Puree - lemon, fruit from Sicily, unsweetened, frozen

frozen product -18 ° C
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1 kg Pe shell   € 11,06 *
(€ 11,06 / kg)
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Boiron purees differ from others because they have an original and intense fruit taste and an authentic color. The fruits are carefully selected from the best growing areas, from southern France to India. The fruits are pressed, sifted through, briefly pasteurized and then snap-frozen. Vitamins, taste and color are largely preserved. The natural purees contain no preservatives or colorings and thus preserve the pure taste of the fruits. They are ideal for: sorbets, ice cream, fruit foam, fruit jellies, fruit sauces, cocktails ......

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