Series 1905, Herb knife, 12cm, DICK - 1 pc - box

Series 1905, Herb knife, 12cm, DICK

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The even steel rings, for example, are inseparably connected to the plastic by a unique process. All 1905 series knives are optimally balanced and rejuvenate to the top. The blades are made of the preferred German high-grade steel XCrMoVMn and slashed. A high-tech hardening process at temperatures of approximately 1060Â ° C and a low-temperature treatment of up to -190Â ° C results in a hardness of over 60 HRc. Targeted multi-step tempering at approximately 200Â ° C allows for a unique, dynamic and sharp cutting edge. The hardness is gently brought to 55 HRc. On the one hand, this particular degree of hardness ensures the sharpness and edge retention, but on the other hand it allows for the simple re-sharpening of this 1905 knife series. The final sharpening is done by experienced skilled workers by hand.

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