Nevas Water - Carbonated Water, Germany - 750 ml - bottle

Nevas Water - Carbonated Water, Germany

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NEVAS Water combines the water of two natural springs and thus the best of mineralization and taste. As the first Cuvee in the water segment, mixed with fine-pearly carbonic acid, NEVAS Water not only convinces with its unmistakable taste, but also with the highest quality. NEVAS Water offers an unforgettable, sparkling drinking experience thanks to the unique sparkling carbonic acid. Both artesian mineral wells are several hundred years old and give their water a unique high content of natural calcium (> 62 mg / ml) due to their special rock layers. Nevas Water Cuvee is the first premium bottled water of German origin, which pervades its pearly texture like a champagne. With its popping cork and an extraordinary design, it transforms every table into a festive table.

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