Qyuzu - Tonic Water, with pure Yuzu juice - 4.8 l, 24 x 200ml - can

Qyuzu - Tonic Water, with pure Yuzu juice

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4.8 l, 24 x 200ml can   € 65,37 *
(€ 13,62 / l)
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The pure Yuzu juice in Qyuzu Tonic creates a tasty fireworks display, which explodes properly on the palate. Consistently dispensed with the addition of flavors, dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The addition of the juice causes the drink to appear murky, of course. To preserve the naturalness and the associated properties, the product has been packaged in a tin. As a result, it is optimally protected against light and the sensitive sensors are not attacked. Qyuzu Tonic blends perfectly with dry spirits as it sets out to highlight the dry nuances of the plants without losing their own aromatic presence. Although the aromatic combination of QYUZU and New Western Dry Gins is unbeatable, the tonic can also be combined with other gin varieties and other alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco and lillet (perfected by adding fresh blackberries). Last but not least, Qyuzu Tonic is perfect for enjoying alone or with your favorite alcoholic cocktail.

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