Monte Acuto - Grappa Invecchiata, 42% vol., Berta - 700 ml - bottle

Monte Acuto - Grappa Invecchiata, 42% vol., Berta

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700 ml bottle   € 63,49 *
(€ 90,70 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 700 ml bottle to each   € 61,59 *

The Grappa Monte Acuto from the Roero wine growing region captivates with a wonderful scent of raisins and coconut and is reminiscent of a high-quality rum. It was produced by the discontinuous distillation process in steam boilers made of copper. The subsequent 5-year aging in barrique barrels made of Aillier oak gives this grappa a velvety soft mouthfeel with beautifully integrated wood tones, as well as a wonderfully integrated sweetness.

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