CHEF Premium - veal stock, liquid, ready to cook - 1 l - Tetra-pack

CHEF Premium - veal stock, liquid, ready to cook

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1 l Tetra-pack   € 19,09 *
(€ 19,09 / kg)
PU-purchase 12 x 1 l Tetra-pack to each   € 18,52 *
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Kalbfond is well suited for the preparation of veal dishes as well as for strong sauces and soups. Nestle`s classic funds are made from the finest fresh ingredients, and with authentic taste, the point of the I. Without the addition of preservatives, flavor enhancers or dyes. The 1: 1 funds allow an exact calculation and are ready to use without further dilution / dosage. Similarly, they can be boiled to a ice cream.

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