Canadian lobster HPL, leg meat, in the cooking bag - 227 g - bag

Canadian lobster HPL, leg meat, in the cooking bag

frozen product -18 ° C
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227 g bag   € 35,90 *
(€ 15,81 / 100 g)
PU-purchase 12 x 227 g bag to each   € 34,82 *
Last date of minimum durability: 28.2.2022    Up to Ø 364 days from date of shipment.  ?

Noblest Canadian lobster caught in May, June, December and January. With high-pressure treatment raw peeled (HPP, High Pressure Processing) and thus stands in taste and texture even more than the living premium lobster. The triggered pieces of leg meat are vacuumed in cooking bags. It is best to thaw overnight in the refrigerator or in a cold water bath, then either cook in the bag or prepare in any other way. You have more time, less work, no weight loss and save the tiring triggering .. Tip: Lobster fries - just bread the thawed pieces of leg meat and fry briefly. In addition, the cocktail sauce from Stokes!

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