KIS-01 Chroma Kiseki Petty, universal knife, 11 cm - 1 pc - carton

KIS-01 Chroma Kiseki Petty, universal knife, 11 cm

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1 pc carton   € 297,13 *
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The KISEKI series has been developed based on the principle of animal nibs. KISEKI is the Japanese word for miracle Animal fangs are made of soft dentin, but the front is covered with extremely hard tooth enamel. A razor-sharp edge is created at the transition between these two layers. Engineers copied this condition by attaching an extremely hard, high-strength alloy to the left on the base blade made of high-quality rust-proof molybdenum-vanadium steel, hardened with 59 ° HRC. This knife for right-handed people can be sharpened on one side. The handle is made from the finest bamboo

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