Cecina de Leon IPG (PGI), smoked beef ham, Spain, large pieces - about 2 kg - vacuum

Cecina de Leon IPG (PGI), smoked beef ham, Spain, large pieces

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about 2 kg vacuum   € 88,94 *
(€ 44,47 / kg)
PU-purchase 6 x about 2 kg vacuum to each   € 86,27 *
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Probably the best beef ham in the world is conquering Germany. In Spain, he has long achieved the status of Pata Negra ham. Carefully salted and lightly smoked over oak fires, this wonderful ham from the best parts of the hind legs, from at least five year old animals. In the ideal climate of the province of Leon, in northwestern Spain - with dry, hot summers and chill winters - the ham will then ripen for at least 12 months. This is how they can develop their excellent aroma. Traditionally, Cecina de Leon is gossamer-thin and served at room temperature, with a little olive oil and freshly ground pepper. A real delicacy!

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