Sparkling Liqueur - Eberle, 16% vol. - 350 ml - bottle

Sparkling Liqueur - Eberle, 16% vol.

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350 ml bottle   € 11,20 *
(€ 32,00 / l)
PU-purchase 12 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 10,86 *

Based on a traditional champagne-dosing recipe, this delicacy is made by traditional means from dozens of different ingredients in master craftsmanship and months of maturity. His fine fruit analogues, the on
Grape blossoms, raisins, raspberry, cassis, olunder, beech and dates are reminiscent of making it so filigree. Pure pleasure, to refine fish and poultry sauces, over desserts, as a dose in champagne or champagne, in cocktails, ... experiment! As Dosage in white wine a wonderful base for white mulled wine. Always good for a surprise.

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