Maigo chopping board Felix, beech wood, 19 x 28.5 cm - 1 pc - loose

Maigo chopping board Felix, beech wood, 19 x 28.5 cm

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1 pc loose   € 27,97 *
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MAIGO is the first chopping board that optimally combines the advantages of boards with and without grooves: the ramps at the two ends of the juice groove are high enough to hold any juice in the groove, which can then be deliberately scooped off. The groove also serves as a cuttings barrier so that nothing unintentionally rolls off the board. This is often even more important in cooking than squeezing juice. Also, never hack or pound again! The opening of the groove on the front of the cutting board makes it easy to remove the cuttings from the pot or dish. This is also a great advantage when it comes to cleaning, because everything can be rinsed off extremely well and wiped off the board or groove using the open MAIGO groove.

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