Spitzmorchel-Bruch - standard, 80% heads 20% stalks - 1 kg - bag

Spitzmorchel-Bruch - standard, 80% heads 20% stalks

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1 kg bag   € 339,21 *
(€ 339,21 / kg)

Moreton shag Morchella conica, Morchella elata: This mushroom is a typical spring fungus that grows in sparse conifers, along pathways and deciduous forests from April to May. In taste, this fungus is the king among the dried mushrooms. A well-made morel cream sauce is an enjoyable experience for every gourmet. The best quality of the Spitzmorcheln is traded without stem the stem is very leathery and tastes only a little intense with a handle traded product is called original product. Goods with a half-cut stalk are as extras in the trade.

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