Obulato - potato starch wafers, transparent, square, 9x9cm - 200 h - Pe-dose

Obulato - potato starch wafers, transparent, square, 9x9cm

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200 h Pe-dose   € 29,78 *
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PU-purchase 10 x 200 h Pe-dose to each   € 28,89 *
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The wafer-thin, transparent wafers from potato starch can be used in the sweet and spicy avant-garde kitchen as an edible, barely visible carrier material, for example for producing millefeuilles. Similarly, the wafer sheets can be folded and filled into differently shaped, transparent ravioli bags. They can be closed at the seams with a little hot caramel, simple syrup, very little water or other liquid, and a special sealing device. The wafer preparations as a whole should not come into contact with water or aqueous liquids as the potato starch would dissolve. On the other hand, olive, nut and seed oils can easily be used as ingredients for the fillings.

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