Pain Qnip multigrain bread pre-baked, Siegert, BIO - 3.3 kg, 12 x 275 g - carton

Pain Qnip multigrain bread pre-baked, Siegert, BIO

frozen product -18 ° C
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3.3 kg, 12 x 275 g carton   € 34,82 *
(€ 10,55 / kg)
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NL-BIO-01 Tradition and technology are closely linked with Carl Siegert. The organically grown crops, such as wheat and spelled, come 100% from the Netherlands. The grain is ground slowly and just before use to preserve the aroma. The doughs with self-made sourdough cultures rest for a long time so that the taste can develop. The direct heat when baking in rotating ovens or stone-bottom ovens gives the pastry its characteristic aroma and crunchy crust. After baking, bread and rolls are frozen at -35 ° C and packed. This guarantees absolute freshness right up to the table, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and banquets. Simply bake bread and rolls after thawing in the required quantities.

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